Eye Care Resources

There are a number of great resources for eye care information.  Please click on the links below to learn more.  

All About Vision

The Vision Council

Prevent Blindness America

Texas Optometric Association

American Optometric Association

Contact Lens Safety

Acuminder (email or text messages to remind you when to change your contacts)

Transitions Lenses


Order Contact Lenses 

 We will have a link here soon where you can order your contact lenses online.  


You can view available eye exam appointments, and / or schedule online:

If you have an eye injury, infection, or other eye emergency, please call us at (806) 798-7030  because we want you to come in as soon as possible.  

Laser Vision Correction Evaluations, and Follow-Up Visits  are also scheduled differently, so please call or email us for these as well.